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Ironclad was founded in 2019 by three humble kiwi’s. They loved the idea of creating good quality goods and cookware that last generations – which is exactly what they have done. In doing so, the purchase of an Ironclad pan also reduces waste in the long run, as you won’t need to replace it in your lifetime. The founders also had a strong connection to cast iron skillets, as it is what their family grew up using and they only had fond memories of the meals and experience that was created with it.

Ironclad Pans are the best investment for those who love cheffing it up in the kitchen! Each pan is 100% NZ made and hand-poured to order. Although it is called “Ironclad”, each pan is made completely from T100 cast iron. Ironclad has two different sizes available, with the larger one being called the Legacy Pan and the smaller one named the Lil Legacy. The Legacy pan is perfect for cooking large family meals, whilst the Lil Legacy is designed for serving 1-2 people. Use these pans on induction, gas, electric, ceramic, bbq, oven, campfire – you name it! When you purchase an Ironclad pan, you will receive a cardboard box filled with goodies. This box includes a bottle of Marlborough Grape Seed Seasoning Oil, a cotton storage bag, printed care instructions, a hand-signed Three Generation Guarantee and free access to the Ironclad Family Recipe Vault online. This vault allows you to document of all your best family recipes, documenting them to be used indefinitely and keeping them alive. Other people also have the option of sharing these recipes publicly if they choose to share a piece of the magic! When your pan arrives, you’ll notice that it is a light grey colour and unseasoned. This allows you to have full control over the seasoning process, ensuring no nasty chemicals or dyes are added like some other pre-seasoned pans. The more you use it, the darker your pan will appear. Eventually, it will turn a dark copper black shade. Designed to last for at least three decades with an unbeatable warranty of 100 years. This warranty is literally cast into each and every pan, meaning you will never lose your guarantee. Pass these pans down to your children and then let them pass it down to their grandchildren. Ironclad has branched out to include kitchen textiles too! These accessories include oven mitts, pan snugs and aprons. The pan snugs are made from Whanganui sourced leather, protecting your hands from hot handles. These snugs fit on any sized pan too. Keep the mess to a minimum when cooking with an Ironclad apron, made from durable, lightweight materials. The last of the accessories is the Grandma’s Hands oven mitts, sold individually. These mitts are comfy, long lasting and very durable.

What are the advantages of cooking with cast iron pans?

-       They are crafted to last a long time, due to the durable recycled High Grade T100 Iron. This allows you to pass this pan down through generations.

-       Cast Iron Pans stay hot for a longer period of time and heats evenly. This allows you to keep food warm if not eaten straight away. It also makes it perfect for searing meat at a high temperature.

-       These pans can be used on a variety of different cooking platforms. They are compatible with induction, gas, electric, ceramic, bbq, oven and even campfire.

-       These pans are naturally non-stick. This means you can reduce the amount of oil content used, helping to create healthier meals.

-       Cleaning and maintaining these pans is straightforward and easy. Just rinse with water and dry after cooking. 

-       Every time you cook, this pan fortifies your food with iron. This is an asset for those who are pregnant, menstruating or battling with low iron. Apparently, cooking with cast iron can help increase your iron levels by up to 20 times!

Shop Ironclad Pans at Homeware Online and experience the joys of cast iron frying pans. Start your Ironclad collection off with either the Legacy or Lil Legacy pan and go from there. On our website, we offer a wide selection of different homeware products. Whether you need mirrors, cushions or bathroom accessories, we have something to suit your needs. With free shipping and simple 100 day returns on all orders, regardless of your overall spend. We also offer prompt 1-3 day delivery and do our very best to make sure it gets to you on time. If you have any questions about anything on our website, have a chat with our friendly customer service team via email at or give us a call between 8am-4pm at 0800 383 763.

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