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Airinum designs and makes advanced face masks in Sweden, designed for optimum protection and easy breathing when on the go. These masks were initially designed with the intention of helping individuals to live healthy lives, especially if they are exposed to poor air quality. A large part of their mission was always to raise awareness about poor air quality due to the ongoing consequences of climate change. However, in recent times, the brand has really started taking off due to the current Covid pandemic. Airinum have created two incredibly popular face mask ranges – one called the Urban Air Mask 2.0 and the other called the Lite Air Mask. Both of these masks have specific filter inserts that add multiple extra layers of protection.

Are Airinum masks worth it?

Both the Urban Air 2.0 and Lite Air range are incredibly popular and successful in their own right. Each mask provides a high level of protection against airborne particles, whilst also offering a snug fit for high levels of effectiveness. Both face mask ranges provide 99.9% protection against viruses and bacteria, as well as filtering out PM2.5 and PM10 car emissions. It also protects against smog, wildfires, dust, mold and tobacco smoke. Each mask offers a UPF 50+ sun and ultraviolet protection. Each mask also comes with two replaceable filters, which have been extensively tested at the RISE R&D center in Sweden. All Airinum masks are lightweight and comfortable, making them a worthy investment for everyday use, extended wear and travel. One of the most important factors is the fit of the Airinum masks. These masks come in a range of sizes which include XS, S, M and L. By getting a tailored, snug fit – you are increasing the effectiveness tenfold. To choose your size, simply refer to the Airinum size guide on the product page. You can also choose a colour to fit your personal style. The Lite Air colour range includes: Aurora Blue, Glacier White, Storm Black, Misty Grey, Cloudy Pink, Sand Beige, Polar White, Wild Blue (Kids) and Wild Pink (Kids). The Urban Air range consists of: Quartz Grey, Onyx Black and Pearl Pink.

The Airinum Lite Air Face Mask is KN95 certified and is the less expensive mask of the two ranges. Made from lite air mesh, this reusable mask is comfortable to wear and easy to breathe in. Each Lite Air Face Mask comes with two replaceable Lite Air Filters and 1 detachable Lite Head Clip. This mask has 5-layer filter technology for extra protection and comes in four sizes. The 3D memory nose-foam and shapeable nose clip minimise the amount of air leakage to maximise effectiveness. The elastic earloops help to create a snug sealing fit, whilst the detachable and adjustable head clip allows for reduced pressure on your ears. The mask skin is washable and treated with Polygiene to reduce viruses and bacteria and odours.

The Airinum Urban Air Face Mask 2.0 differs due to the addition of exhalation valves. These sealable exhalation valves make it easier to breathe in, with any warm, moist, carbon dioxide air being ventilated out. This mask also differs due to the adjustable elastic ear loops. This adjustability function ensures you can get that snug fit for optimum protection. When you open the box, you’ll spot a few extra things. With this mask, you will receive an additional travel pouch, exhalation valves and exhalation valve stoppers. Otherwise, the Urban Air shares the rest of the same features as the Lite Air.  

How often should I change the Airinum filters?

It is recommended that you purchase a pack of filters as well, despite the masks coming with two. Airinum recommends changing these PM2.5 filters monthly at the least to ensure you are staying as protected as possible. When purchasing your filters, make sure you get them in the same size as your mask. Small mask = small filter. Medium mask = medium filter (and so on). You should also make sure you’ve got the correct filters for your type of mask. If you have the Lite Air mask, buy the Lite Air filters. If you have the Urban Air mask, you’ll need the Urban Air filters.

How do I clean my Airinum Mask?

Firstly, you must unhook the head clip from the ear loops and take the filter out, as the filter is NOT machine washable. Then you can either hand wash or gentle machine wash the mask skin at 60C. Once clean, hang it out on the clothesline to dry. Wipe the head clip and nose-foam with a disinfecting wipe. As for the filter, use a dry soft tissue to wipe it down with. Do not tumble dry, iron, dry clean or bleach.

Shop Airinum NZ wide at Homeware Online stay protected against airborne particles and bacteria. These advanced masks provide an optimised fit, effective ventilation and style to boot. Choose from the Airinum Lite Air KN95 Face Mask or the Airinum Urban Air KN95 Face Mask 2.0 today. While you are here, feel free to explore the rest of our Homeware Online site. We have a massive range of different products to choose from, including cutlery, drink bottles, pedal bins and more. With free shipping on all orders and 100 day returns, we are determined to make your online shopping experience a great one. We aim for 1-3 business day deliveries NZ wide and will do whatever we can to get your package with you within that timeframe. If you have any questions about anything on our site, have a chat with our friendly customer service staff via email at or give us a call between 8.00am-4.00pm at 0800 383 763.

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